Public Meeting to be Held on the Springvale Mine

With still no decision on the future of the Springvale Mine Extension Project and hundreds of jobs on the line a public meeting has been called for the local community to show its support for the mine.

“Council has called a public meeting at Club Lithgow for 9.00am on Friday 14 August 2015 in relation to the Springvale Mine Extension Project” said Lithgow City Council Deputy Mayor, Councillor Ray Thompson “the Springvale Mine is currently the lifeblood of the Lithgow community and now there are over three hundred employees working at the pit whose futures are in jeopardy.”

“Added to this the mine is now the only supplier of coal to the Mount Piper Power Station which employs nearly another three hundred staff” said Deputy Mayor Thompson.

“The Power Station also supplies up to 15% of the States electricity requirements”.

“We are all very well aware of the difficult time that the Lithgow community has had and with so many jobs at risk we have government dilly dallying in making a decision on the project.”

“The community cannot wait any longer and a decision is needed now from the NSW Planning Assessment Commission (PAC).”

“The public meeting is being called for the community to demonstrate its support for the mine extension project.’

“We already know that the PAC has viewed the development positively, we also know that the PAC recognises the importance of the jobs to our local area and we know that the PAC recognises the importance of this mine to NSW but still there is no sign of a decision being made.”

“The workers, their families and the community need to know what the future is going to hold for them.”

“The mine workers have been told that they are going to be stood down at the end of next week, the mine will then come to a stand still and if no decision is made soon then the power station will also cease.”

“We are calling upon the Lithgow community to come along to the meeting to show its support for the mine.”

“The Lithgow community needs this mine to be approved, and soon” concluded Deputy Mayor Thompson.

Councillor Ray Thompson
Deputy Mayor
Tel: 02 6354 9999
Mob: 0418 649 006
Fax: 02 6351 4259

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