Re-Opening of Railway Parade, Lithgow

Railway Parade, Lithgow from Tank Street to Eskbank Street has been reopened effective 8 January 2019.

Commencing 21 December 2018, Railway Parade, Lithgow between Tank Street and Eskbank Street was closed to all vehicular traffic. Council effected this closure immediately upon receiving advice from Lithgow Police and engineers that the storm of 20 December 2018 caused structural damage to the roof of the old Westfund Building at 5 Railway Parade, Lithgow.

This building damage had resulted in loose debris and sheeting, posing an immediate risk to vehicular traffic and pedestrians in the vicinity. In all instances, public safety is Council’s ultimate priority and from this information, it was determined that the only reasonable solution was the temporary closure of Railway Parade, pending rectification works of the building.

However, since the date of this closure, the private owners of the building have contracted improvement works to occur to allow the road to be safety reopened. Loose panels posing an immediate risk have been secured and open areas of the roof have been covered to effectively minimize ongoing risk. As a result of this work, subsequent engineering assessments have advised that the road may be reopened. The localized traffic control has been amended to form a partial shoulder closure to reduce potential public access to the remaining scaffolding which is required to continue work on the roof of the building. Council is in receipt of this advice and reviewed the recommendations of engineers prior to reopening Railway Parade.

While pedestrian access was maintained throughout the period of the closure, it is understood that there has been some disruption to businesses in the area. This is extremely unfortunate and an unintended result of what was considered to be an essential and urgent road closure required to maintain public safety in a commercial area. Council apologises to all residents and businesses negatively affected by this closure.

Residents are urged to note that minor changes to traffic conditions may still occur in this area. Please exhibit caution and patience while travelling through the area.

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