Reading your water meter

Lithgow City Council water meters are read on a quarterly basis, this information is then used to calculate usage charges for your water account.

You may like to read your own meter to see how much water you use, or to confirm that the meter reading on your water account is accurate. You can also read your water meter if you suspect your property has a water leak.

The dial on the most common type of meter is divided into two parts – kilolitres and litres. There is a row of up to eight figures on a white background. Some numbers are black, while others are red. The black numbers register kilolitres of water and the red numbers show litres.

The reading on this meter is 1234 kilolitres and 567.8 litres, 1234.5678 kilolitres.

meter reading

Council only charges for Kilolitres used.

Water Pricing Structure

Residential customers will be charged a quarterly tariffed consumption rate. Charging for each quarter will be based on a graduated water usage tariff as below;

• 0kL to 270kL (Tier 1)
• > 271kL (Tier 2) (This financial year only 2017/2018)

This structure is based on a 12month cycle which restarts yearly.

Always remember to conserve water inside and outside your home. Read your meter regularly and check for any potential leaks.

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