Recycling Bin Inspection Program

A recent Bin Inspection Program carried out by Lithgow City Council aimed to assess current recycling bin use and educate residents in the Lithgow Local Government area.

As part of an ongoing campaign to gauge the Lithgow community’s understanding of recycling, recycling bins from three targeted areas at Portland and Lithgow were inspected from 8th – 10th May 2018.

Overall, more than half of all inspected recycling bins contained no contamination! A big congratulation as 84% of inspected recycling bins contained none or only minor contaminants. Portland recorded the lowest overall proportion of low or no contamination (81%) within the recycling bins inspected.

Overall the most commonly observed recycling contaminant was ‘Plastic packets/film’, which made up 52% of contaminants observed. Another significant contaminant was ‘Recycling in plastic bags’, followed by ‘Tissues/serviettes’.

While these results are encouraging, there is always room for improvement; so please remember “No Soft Plastics”. Putting your recycling in plastic bags contaminates the entire bin and it can’t be recycled.

If you want to be certain what you can recycle go to Council’s dedicated Waste Website or download the Lithgow Waste App ‘Waste Info’ for free from the Apple App Store and Google Play.


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