Reduce Speed – Icy Conditions Ahead!

 With winter fast approaching, temperatures continue to drop causing icy conditions on many roads within the Blue Mountains and the Central West.

Winter weather is unpredictable and there can be sudden drops in temperature. Road conditions can change quickly and driving on icy roads can be challenging – even for experienced motorists on the roads they know well.

We join with RMS in urging motorists to take extra care when driving during winter by reducing speed, especially in icy conditions.

Quick Checklist for Safe Motoring in icy conditions –

  • Be alert for ice on the road particularly in shaded or low lying areas.
  • Drive with your headlights on
  • Obey speed advisory signs and be prepared to reduce speed in line with the conditions. If you do hit ice, travelling at a reduced speed will help you to maintain control of the vehicle and reduce the force of the impact if there is a collision.

For more information on road and weather conditions call the Transport Management Centre on 132 701 (24 hours) or visit


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