Reducing Winter Air Pollution

With winter upon us, Lithgow City Council residents are being asked to help improve winter air quality by ensuring they are using wood fire heaters correctly.

Wood smoke particles from inefficient heaters can be seen as a smoke haze that sometimes sits over built up areas. Not only is this sort of pollution unattractive, it can also be bad for our health.

Wood smoke can cause breathing difficulties, especially for people suffering existing respiratory conditions, such as asthmatics, and for very young children and frail older people.

Some simple steps to reduce wood smoke pollution are:

  1. Don’t let your heater smoulder overnight – keep enough air in the fire to maintain a flame.
  2. Burn only dry, aged hardwood in your wood heater. Unseasoned wood has lots of moisture, which causes a fire to smoke.
  3. Store your wood undercover in a dry, ventilated area. Freshly cut wood needs to be stored for at least eight to twelve months.
  4. Never burn rubbish, driftwood or painted or treated wood. These pollute the air and can produce poisonous gases.


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