Retail Working Party Looking at Causes and Solutions  

The volunteer working party researching the factors underlying the decline in retail is nearing the end of its research phase.

The decline in traditional retail is a global trend influenced by a number of factors.  A volunteer working party set up by Lithgow Council is nearing the end of its research phase and understanding global trends and local factors will form the basis for proposing strategies aimed at sustaining local retail.

Lithgow General Manager Graeme Faulkner said today “The working party has been very focused on research and has found a number of underlying factors with digital technology; generational change and consumer preference being common themes.  However, the working party believes other factors are also be at play.”

“One thing that is clear is the issues being experienced in Lithgow are common across Australia and internationally and examples are widely documented in the media” added Mr Faulkner.

There are a number of links that interested members of the community can access to understand the issues:

Whilst it is clear there are many reasons for retail decline and the changing face of retail, the working party will look at strategies that could be implemented in the local context.  Possible solutions to assist existing and future retail in Lithgow will be the focus on the next phase of the working party’s work.

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