Road Naming


Council is seeking expressions of interest for the naming of five roads in the Lithgow City area.

NameLocationName MeaningMap No.
Charltons Road Western Portion of Anarel Road off Honeysuckle Falls RoadReference to William Charlton (1769-1839), who came to NSW as a Private in the Corps on the Second Fleet in 1790. William was a part of the family who owned “Crown View” farm which is still situated at the end of the road proposed to be re-named Charltons Road. Map 1
Angels Way Private Road off the Castlereagh Highway CaperteeAngel Whalan tragically died in a house fire at a property on 14 April 2018 situated on this road.Map 2
Eagle Hawk Close Private road off Upper Turon Road Capertee Many Eagles and Hawks can be seen circling at eye level along this road as it runs along the top of a ridge and the Eagles and Hawks circle over the valley looking for prey.Map 3
Canyon ClosePrivate road off Upper Turon Road CaperteeBeautiful views of the Capertee Valley Canyon can be seen from this area.Map 3
Running Stream ClosePrivate road off Upper Turon Road Capertee Driving down this road will bring the driver to Running Stream.Map 3

Should any person wish to have input into the naming of these roads, then written submissions will be accepted by Council up until 20 January 2020. Please send your submissions to PO Box 19, Lithgow NSW 2790.

Further information may be obtained by contacting Miss Cassie Ford in Council’s Economic Development & Environment Department.

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