Road Renewals – June 2018

The remaining program of urban and rural roads resealing will commence this week and progress until the end of June.

During the second, third and fourth weeks in June, Lithgow City Council will commence a process of asset improvement and renewal to both restore the condition and improve safety of Hartley Valley Road, Lithgow. It is believed that this work will greatly improve the drivability of this road, particularly in wet and icy conditions.

As it stands, the scope of work for the section of Hartley Vale Road between Hassans Walls Road and Browns Gap Road involves the milling and asphalt widening of shoulders up to one metre, excavation to sub-base and reconstruction of pavement in areas of major localized failure, crack sealing of surface in areas of minor localized failure and the application of a high-friction seal over the restored surface.

This combination of asphalt pavement and high-friction bitumen seal is an innovative approach for road renewal in the Lithgow area. Anecdotally, this area is notorious for hazardous conditions associated with moisture and ice, resulting in road closures occurring frequently during the winter months. It is expected that this new approach will greatly improve the longevity of Hartley Valley Road while significantly improving the safety of the asset throughout all months of the year.

Residents are urged to note that traffic conditions may change in these areas while the improvements occur. Please exhibit caution and patience while travelling through the area.

This project is the result of a co-funded approach by Lithgow City Council and the Federal Government through its Roads to Recovery Infrastructure Investment Program and Black Spot Program.


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