Rural Lands


Welcome to the Lithgow City Rural and Rural Residential Strategy Review information portal.

Objectives of the Project

The objectives of the project are to:

  • Action a resolution of Lithgow City Council (Minute No 13-116)

    “to undertake the preparation of a detailed rural lands study to inform a possible future Planning Proposal to provide for additional small lots within Lithgow LGA, including areas Hartley and Portland, and allocated $80,000 towards this project in the 2014/2015 operational plan. The study must take into account the impacts on the viability of our current urban centre, towns and villages, conflicting land use issues, levels of facilities and services required and their projected costs”.

  • Independently and critically review the rural and rural residential land use policy framework of the Lithgow Land Use Strategy 2010-2030 and Lithgow Local Environmental Plan 2014.
  • To gain a clear understanding of the values and land use planning issues of the rural areas of the LGA.
  • To develop a vision and strategy for the management of rural land which ensures sustainable resource use, environmental enhancement, rural landscape protection, protection of sustainable agricultural opportunities and recommendations for the provision of a range of rural residential living opportunities
  • To provide for improved management of rural land fragmentation/ subdivision and dwelling construction.
  • To review all existing planning controls and ensure future controls support the adopted vision and growth management and sustainability principles for rural land.


The process for developing the Rural and Residential Strategy will include the following key stages:

  • Data Gathering and Information Review
  • Rural Areas Review
  • Rural Residential Areas Review
  • Visioning engagement with the community, relevant agencies, Councillors and Council staff
  • Analysis of findings and development of a draft Strategy
  • Engagement with the community, relevant agencies, Councillors and Council staff in a full public exhibition process
  • Review of submissions and adoption of Strategy by Council
  • Endorsement of Strategy by NSW Department of Planning and Environment

Public and Community Engagement

A fundamental component of the development of this project will be the consultation and participation of the community, stakeholders and government agencies. 

This consultation will be designed and facilitated by Mr Ian Sinclair and will include a full public exhibition component at the completion of the Draft Rural and Rural Residential Strategy.

Key dates and details of proposed consultation workshops and sessions will be notified on this web page and local print and radio media.

Project Duration

It is expected that the project will be completed by Mid 2016.

Minutes of the Rural Lands Project Steering Committee

Minutes of meeting held 9 May 2016

Minutes of meeting held 12 April 2016

Minutes of meeting held 8 February 2016

Minutes of meeting held 23 Nov 2015

Minutes of meeting held 22 Jul 2015

Minutes of meeting held 1 May 2015

Minutes of meeting held 17 Feb 2015

The Rural Lands Project Steering Committee has been replaced by the Strategic Land Use Planning Project Committee.

The Committee met on 14  March 2017.  Minutes will be available here shortly.

Appointment of Independent Planning Consultant

Lithgow City Council has engaged the services of an independent rural planning consultancy, Edge Land Planning to undertake the Rural and Rural Residential Strategy Review.

The principal consultant is Mr Ian Sinclair.  Ian has 29 years experience in rural planning and specialises in rural and metropolitan fringe areas.  Edge Land Planning has prepared strategies and LEPs for more than 20 NSW Councils and three in Queensland.

As well as being a practicing planner, Ian is a lecturer on rural planning and strategic planning matters and teaches rural planning courses in the Faculty of the Built Environment at University of NSW.

Ian has commenced his work in October, 2015 and has been out and about in the LGA undertaking verification of a Land Use Survey and has held key rural sector, industry and government agency stakeholder forums as part of the data gathering and information stage of the project.


Hartley Valley

Community Visioning Workshops

Visioning Workshops facilitated by Ian Sinclair of Edge Land Planning were held during the month of February 2016 in Capertee, Portland, Hartley and Lithgow.  These workshops attracted a total of 420 participants and valuable feedback was provided at all five workshops held.

The raw data produced by participants has been collected and directly transcribed by Council’s consultant. The outcomes are presented in the documents below:

Where When/Date Documents
Capertee 9 February 2016 Capertee Workshop Outcomes
Capertee Photo Boards
Portland 10 February 2016 Portland Workshop Outcomes
Portland Photo Boards
Hartley Workshop
(Afternoon and evening
sessions combined)
11 February 2016 Hartley Workshop Outcomes
Hartley Photo Boards
Lithgow Rural
Residential Workshop
22 February 2016 [Download not found]
Rural Residential Workshops Outcomes
Rural Residential Workshop - Preferred areas consolidated map


Where to from here

This project has now moved into the next phase of issue identification and analysis and preparation of a draft strategy document for further consultation with the community and stakeholders. 

Draft Strategy Update

A draft for discussion has been prepared by Edge Land Planning and submitted to Council for internal review.  Ian Sinclair of Edge Land Planning provided a detailed presentation of the document to a meeting of the Strategic Land Use Planning Projects Committee held on 14 March 2017.

The Committee resolved to defer public exhibition of the draft document to enable further time for the Committee members to review the document.  The Committee will reconvene once all members have had a chance to fully review the document and detailed comments are available from the Western Region office of the Department of Planning and Environment.

You can become actively involved by

  • Keeping informed through this web page and local media
  • Reviewing the Draft Strategy when available and making a written submission
  • Attending one of the open house sessions during public exhibition phase to discuss your view and concerns. 
  • Talking to a Council planner by telephone for short enquiries or longer enquiries by arranging an appointment by contacting the strategic planning team (02) 6354 9906 or (02)6354 9920.

How can I find out more?

This web page has been designed to enable easy access to information, documents and explanatory material relating to this project that you can view and/or download in your own time and at your own pace.

This web page will be continually updated as the project progresses and therefore should be your first point of reference.

If you have any difficulty or cannot find the information you are looking for please contact Council’s Project Manager, Mrs Sherilyn Hanrahan 02 63549906 for assistance.