Skate Park Consultation

Portland and Wallerawang Skate Park Consultation Survey

Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey. It will help to inform Council regarding the design and location of skate park facilities in Portland and Wallerawang.

We encourage anyone with an interest in the skate parks of either Portland or Wallerawang to complete the survey.

Please complete the survey by the 31st August.



Please tell us about yourself:

Where do you live?
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Are you a skate park user? YesNo

Skate Park Consultation

1: What is your interest in the skate park?
(Please tick all categories that apply to you)

1 Recreation and use2 Young person3 Resident4 Shop keeper/Business owner5 Parent

2: If you answered 1 or 2 what would you use the park for?
(Please tick all categories that apply to you)

Skate boardingScooter ridingHanging outBMX ridingOther

3: Which locality are you most interested in?


4: Please choose a park and comment if you are you satisfied or not with the existing park?

Please give your reasons.

5: Would you want:

New park developed?Extension of existing park?No changeNo skate park- Other: please comment

6: Is there a specific location that you would you want the park to be located?
Current LocationNew Location

7: What other facilities or activities would you like near or at the skate park?

8: Would you be interested in participating in further consultation such as design and development?


If yes, please provide your contact details

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