State Executive Celebrating Women!












Did you know women make up one third of our councillors across the nation?

This topic took the spotlight at the Australian Local Government Women Association (ALGWA) in regional NSW, led by one of our very own female Councillors in Lithgow.

A mother of two and works full-time, Councillor Cassandra Coleman understands firsthand the challenges women face as local government representatives.

“I travelled to Inverell for the Executive meeting where we brainstormed our strategic plan to support and promote women in local government,” said Councillor Coleman. “Through Advocacy, Advice and Action, we are determined to succeed!”

Inverell Mayor Paul Harmon with his wife alongside him, welcomed the Executive of the ALGWA, including fellow Inverell councillor Di Baker.

“We had the opportunity to listen to local female community leaders,” said Councillor Coleman. “Norann Voll is part of the Bruderhof community that live the Christian way and love thy neighbour.”

The community live in Danthonia outside Inverell and all 200 members share lives and finances.

“This touched on the importance of community and family living together in harmony, and celebrated ‘womanhood’ by women mentoring and encouraging each other.” continued Councillor Coleman.

Local marriage celebrant Fiona Brown spoke about supporting the survivors of domestic violence who are largely women; Recognising the survivors of violent and abusive relationships, Fiona Brown asks that we treat these resilient women with dignity and respect.

“Fiona inspired us to think in a different way and reminded us that we have the freedom of choice and the freedom to feel special,” said Councillor Coleman. “The take home message for me is ‘respect’ and how we can ask people to do things rather being told.”

The opportunity to visit different cities and shires enables our Councillors to share information with the community and learn from other experiences, in turn educating our local decision makers.

Photo: Left to Right: Cr Cass Coleman, Inverell Mayor Paul Harmon & Cr Di Baker.

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