Still no Decision on the Approval of Springvale Mine

With hundreds of mining jobs on the line there is still no decision in relation to the future of the application for the Springvale Mine Extension Project.

“The Springvale Mine is the lifeblood of the Lithgow community” said Lithgow City Council Deputy Mayor, Councillor Ray Thompson “there are over three hundred employees working at the mine and it is now the only supplier of coal to the Mount Piper Power Station which employs nearly another three hundred staff.”

“We are all very well aware of the difficult time that the Lithgow community has had and with so many jobs at risk we have government dilly dallying in making a decision on the project” said Deputy Mayor Thompson.

“The community is waiting with baited breath on the outcome of the Planning Assessment Commission (PAC).”

“We know that the PAC has viewed the development positively, we know that the PAC recognises the importance of the jobs to our local area and we know that the PAC recognises the importance of this mine to NSW but still there is no sign of a decision being made.”

“We now have workers, their families and the community generally not knowing what the future is going to hold for them.”

“Something must happen very soon, the mine workers are to be stood down in a couple of weeks, the mine will come to a stand still as will the power station.”

“We are now calling on the Premier to step in and sort this out.”

“Only late last year Premier Baird announced that he was going to shake up the State’s planning system and halve the time it takes to approve major infrastructure projects.”

“The Premier said that we must do better, instead what has happened has been that changes have been made that have created more uncertainty in the system, have caused delays and have just worsened the situation.”

“We need a system that encourages development in the state not be a disincentive” concluded Deputy Mayor Thompson.

Councillor Ray Thompson
Deputy Mayor
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