Think Swimming Pool Safety This Summer

Swimming pool safety to protect young children should be at the forefront of every pool owner’s mind this summer.

Many families enjoy the benefits of their own backyard swimming pool.  However, pool ownership also brings great responsibility and protecting young children must be the highest priority of every pool owner.

Lithgow Mayor Maree Statham said today “Swimming pool owners have both a legal and moral responsibility to ensure effective barriers are installed around backyard pools.  Pool owners are also required to register their pools on the NSW Swimming Pools Register.”

The NSW Swimming Pool Register can be accessed online at The site also contains useful information including pool safety checklists to assist pool owners in making their pools safe and legally compliant.  In order to register their pool and determine whether their pool meets safety requirements, owners can conduct an assessment using the checklists on the swimming pool register website. The website also contains valuable information for pool owners outlining pool safety requirements and legal obligations including pool fencing.

“Council is committed to drawing attention to pool safety and if this results in reducing the number of incidents involving small children and swimming pools this summer then it will be well worth it’’ concluded the Mayor.

Caring for our community and ensuring communication between Council and the community is open and effective by providing information on the requirements for private swimming pools is part of the Governance and Civic Leadership responsibilities of Council in the Community Strategic Plan.



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