Updated weighbridge security at Lithgow Solid Waste Facility

Lithgow City Council wishes to advise patrons of the Lithgow Solid Waste Facility that improvements to the gatehouse and weighbridge are being introduced to improve security and control incoming waste.

The key changes are:

  • All customers will be required to stop on the weighbridge on entry and communicate with gatehouse staff via an intercom system.
  • All customers will be required to provide identification (drivers licence, rates notice, utilities bill or similar) to prove they are a local resident. A video link to the gatehouse will allow customers to remain in their vehicle. Where suitable ID is not provided the person will be refused entry.
  • All customers will be required to advise gatehouse staff of the type of waste being delivered to allow correct classification. 
  • All commercial customers will be required to complete a Source of Waste form. These forms are available at the gatehouse or via the Lithgow Council website.
  • CCTV security cameras will be used to identify vehicles.

The changes will help ensure all waste delivered to the facility is generated within the Lithgow Local Government Area and that the facility is used for the benefit of local residents only.

Further details are available from the Lithgow Council website at www.council.lithgow.com.

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