Council will be undertaking valve removal and replacement works on Wednesday, 27th May 2020 in Inch Street, Lithgow weather permitting.

To complete the removal of the valve, a number of mains will be shut down in area around Bridge Street, Tank Street and Inch Street which will disrupt supply to a large number of residents and businesses in Oakey Park, Inch Street, Henderson Place, Thornley Close, Railway Parade Hoskins Avenue, John, Clarice, Roy, Spooner, Hayley and Padley Streets.

Council will commence works at 8am, Council cannot provide a timeframe for the completion of works but will aim to minimise the period of disruption and provide updates as they become available.

Upon return of normal service, residents will experience dirty water for a period. Council will endeavour to minimise this by flushing the mains. Before using the water for domestic purposes, residents are advised to run the first tap that services their property to ensure the water is clean and any dirt released into the system has been flushed before running internal taps. If the water does not run clear within a couple of minutes please contact Council on (02)6354 9999

Residents are asked not to tamper with hydrants whilst the mains are being flushed. The process is required to remove dirty water from the system as to minimise the effect on residents. Council apologizes for the interruption and would like to thank the community for their patience.