Village Improvements Plan

The Community Strategic Plan 2025 has identified the need to develop Village Improvements Plans for the rural village communities in the Lithgow Local Government Area.

The aim of the plans is to develop a strategic direction for the future of the villages. The plans will

  • Build on the strengths of the rural village communities and help to grow community capacity.
  • Guide decision making on services and service standards and how community assets are managed into the future.
  • Promote economic development and tourism opportunity.
  • Identify and promote natural and cultural heritage.
  • Build social capital.
  • Identify opportunities for corporate, state and federal funding.

The development of Village Plans requires long-term thinking - we can’t do everything at once, but these plans will give us a path to follow, setting a framework for the Council and the rural village communities to work together to build a brighter future.

As the caretakers of the plans, Council will monitor results, implement change in areas Council controls and speak up for the community on the broader issues.

In 2012-2013, Council will be working with the communities of Capertee and Rydal to develop Village Improvements Plans.

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