Waste and Recycling Strategy

Lithgow City Council has undertaken a review of the Waste and Recycling Strategy that includes a schedule of initiatives aimed at achieving agreed strategic objectives.

The Strategy includes a schedule of proposed actions within stages or timeframes across the 10 years of the Strategy. The Objectives of this strategy are to;

  • To provide the City with a strategic direction for waste management in the short and longer term,
  • To encourage efficient and effective waste management in line with the waste hierarchy (Avoid, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and Dispose) and the NSW Government targets,
  • To provide infrastructure and services which are efficient, flexible and accessible to the community.
  • To develop waste initiatives that are suitable for the City’s corporate objectives sensitive to the financial capacity of the City.

The strategy is available for public inspection at Council’s Administration Centre, 180 Mort Street Lithgow, during office hours or alternatively the Strategy can be viewed on Council’s website, for a period of 28 days ending on the 6th November 2017.

During this period any person may inspect the waste and recycling strategy and make a written submission by completing the online form.

All submissions received during this period will be taken into consideration prior to final approval of the plan.