Domestic Waste & Recycling

What is the service?

The domestic service includes the weekly collection of 240 litre mobile garbage bins for waste and a separate 240 litre mobile garbage bin for recycling that is collected every other week.

Positioning Bins: Your mobile garbage bin should be placed:

  • on a flat surface, close to the kerb, at your normal collection point. 
  • with the bin parallel with the road and wheels closest to your house.
  • clear of trees and overhead obstructions.

Item Example
Glass All glass bottles and jars. Rinse and place in crate. No crockery (cups, saucers or plates) please.
Aluminium & Steel Cans e.g. soft drink, pet food, baked beans, tins, alfoil & aerosol cans. Please rinse.
Plastics Soft drink bottles, milk containers, all plastic bottles marked 1, 2 or R. Please remove caps and rinse.
Paper/Cardboard Newspapers, magazines, cardboard boxes, telephone books, junk mail , old letters and egg cartons

Items NOT to go in your bin

  • Hot Ashes
  • Heavy Objects e.g. car parts 
  • Building materials & rubble
  • Paint or flammable liquids
  • Tree stumps or rocks
  • Corrosive materials
  • Sand or garden soil.

Please Note: Hot ashes will damage the bin and can cause fires in the vehicle, risking the safety of the driver and causing damage to the vehicle.

Service Days

For the Lithgow City area, please view Garbage Routes Map

For other areas:

  • Monday - Clarence and Dargan
  • Tuesday - Rydal, Portland, Cullen Bullen, Capertee and Marrangaroo
  • Thursday - Wallerawang and Lidsdale
  • Friday - Hartley and South Bownefels
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Contamination in recycling bins is a problem and there are some common items that people put in the recycle bin that shouldn’t be there. Most people want to do the right thing but it can be confusing so hopefully these videos will help answer some of those questions about which bin.

With the new video clips, we’re hoping some of the crucial mistakes people make regarding their recyclables can be reduced and we can make a real difference to the volume of glass, cardboard and aluminium and steel waste items that we are sending to be recycled into new products,



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