Waste Education Targeted at Primary School Students

Waste education was the focus for many Primary Schools around the Local Government Area through the winter months.

Council’s Primary School Education Outreach Program was delivered through the month of May, to 8 schools around the LGA. The program was a resounding success with over 600 students participating in several environmental programs including; ‘Wonderful Wriggly Worms’, ‘Food Glorious Food, Litter Litter Everywhere’ & ‘Better Get It Sorted’.

Lithgow Councils, Mayor Stephen Lesslie said “Council’s waste education initiative helps encourage our younger generation to take ownership of their waste and recycling at an early age. Through hands-on demonstrations the students have learnt to identify the correct way to dispose of their waste and recycling.”

Council’s next program the “Nude Food Competition” aims to challenge the participants to consider options higher up the Waste Hierarchy model of “rethink/avoid, reduce, reuse, and recycle”.

The education sessions build on strong existing relationships with primary schools in the area and use a wide variety of interactive props, displays and activities to deliver the programs.


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