What would the proposed Special Rate Variation be used for?

The proposed special rate variation would be used for maintenance and renewal of transport infrastructure, stormwater drainage and buildings.

The total SRV proposal for 2019/20 is 11.7%. This includes retaining the current SRV of 4.77% plus an SRV of 4.23% plus the 2.7% rate peg set by IPART for 2019/20. The 9% (4.77% plus 4.23%) would be a one off increase applied permanently to the general rate from 2019/20. The SRV would be applied annually as set by IPART.

An increase in funding would be for the following assets:
The projected total SRV income (from maintaining the current SRV plus adding the new SRV) is estimated at $1.178 million for the 2019/20 year
• $725,000 on Transport (sealed roads, unsealed roads, footpaths, cycleways, bridges and road drainage)
• $100,000 on stormwater drainage
• $250,000 on buildings
Increasing the level of funding for these assets will allow Council to renew those which are currently in a poor condition. It will also ensure that the number of assets in poor condition does not continue to grow. It is essential that our community assets are safe, in working order and meet community expectations. The expenditure will ensure that the Fit for the Future asset benchmarks are met over time.

The remainder of the increased funding (approx. $100,000 p.a.) would be spent on business improvement initiatives which will either generate additional revenue or reduce long-term costs.

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