Wolgan Road Embankment Reconstruction November 2017


Embankment reconstruction is required on Wolgan Road, Wolgan Valley.

Council engineers have recently become aware of the requirement for isolated embankment reconstruction on Wolgan Road, Wolgan Valley. Specifically, this area is at the bottom of the Wolgan Gap, directly adjacent to the creek. All work performed as part of this reconstruction will fall outside the adopted Operational Plan for 2017/18.

The abovementioned failure has occurred as a result of a road embankment that has become over-steep for the materials exposed. Combined with the undermining of the toe of the embankment by the Wolgan Creek, localized failure of the embankment by way of slumping has occurred over a length of approximately 15 metres. The localized failure has presented itself by extending approximately 0.5 metres beyond the existing crash barrier and into the travelling lane of Wolgan Road.

In order to repair the failure, Council will be commencing a geotechnical investigation to inform development of the remediation design. The investigation will be performed by drilling two cored boreholes to a maximum depth of 8 metres through the existing pavement with the purpose of obtaining samples of the underlying material including the rock core. Once complete, designs and issue for tender documentation will be drawn for the construction of a bored soldier pile wall with infill panels and tie-backs if required. This matter is a priority for Council staff and as such, planning and design works are being expedited to ensure a timely repair of this failure.

To ensure the safety of the community and mitigate potential risk while Council expedites the process of repairing the embankment, closure of the affected lane has been implemented. Until such a time that the embankment has been reconstructed, the closure, associated concrete jersey barriers and speed limit reductions will remain in place. All residents and visitors to the area are urged to exhibit caution and patience whilst travelling through the area.

Mr. Jonathon Edgecombe
Works Manager
Tel: 02 6354 9999
Fax: 02 6351 4259

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