Works Program

November 2017 Works Program

Please note that the following works were performed within the Operations Department for both the week ending 24 November 2017.

Urban Works:

  • Completion of State Mine Gully Road roadside drainage improvements.
  • Continuation of the kerb and gutter extension at the Lithgow Showground (adjacent to trotting track)
  • Paver rehabilitation on Main Street, Lithgow, adjacent to the Barrett & Smith Pathology
  • Commencement of stormwater drainage infrastructure reconstruction at the entrance to the Lithgow Landfill Site
  • Hotmix asphalt repairs throughout the township of Lithgow.

Rural Works:

  • Preparation of the first round of capital seal improvements have been completed.
  • Gravel re-sheeting of Martins Road, Rydal continuing.
  • Coldmix asphalt patching on Magpie Hollow Road, Tarana Sodwalls Road, Glen Alice Road, Sunny Corner Road.
  • Cox Street, Portland stormwater improvements approximately 80% complete.
  • Assistance of plumbing crews with remedial works after water and sewer infrastructure failures.
  • Maintenance grading of Mount Horrible Road, Palmers Oakey.
  • Installation of traffic bollards at the Wallerawang pedestrian rail overbridge to discourage motorbike use.
  • Stockpile maintenance works at Wallerawang.

Parks and Gardens:

  • Continuation of noxious weed control throughout Lithgow Local Government Area.
  • Removal of fallen trees from the Marrangaroo Golf Club.
  • Preparation for an event at Eskbank House, Lithgow.
  • General maintenance of Lithgow, Wallerawang, Portland and Cullen Bullen roadsides and parks.

Mechanic Workshop

  • Servicing of RFS and Council vehicles.

General Works:

  • Completion of asphalt capital works throughout the Lithgow Local Government Area. Brays Lane, Wallerawang, Lyon Parade, Wallerawang, Ellen Close, Portland, Gay/Donald Street, Lithgow, Ivatt Street Lane, Lithgow, Valley Drive, Lithgow, Tank / Union Street Lane, Lithgow and Clarence Pirie Park Access.
  • Continuation of planning for capital upgrades to an embankment on Wolgan Road, Wolgan Valley.
  • Commencement of feasibility and investigation works pertaining to capital stormwater infrastructure improvements in the vicinity of Main Street and Laurence Street, Lithgow.
  • Continuation of the CBD Revitalisation project.
  • Commencement of capital bitumen sealing works on Magpie Hollow Road, Curly Dick Road and Glen Alice Road.

Water & Wastewater:

  • Reticulation maintenance of water & sewer mains across the network
  • Dam & Clarence transfer scheme inspections
  • Regular inspections of water and sewage treatment plants and pump stations
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