Future Finders

The Future Finders commenced in 2018 as a Council coordinated youth careers program that was supported by the NSW Youth Opportunities grant. Since its commencement, 376 young people have participated in activities or events provided by the Future Finders program (as of September 2019).  Future Finders aims to:

  • Assist young people to increase their knowledge and access to a variety of career paths possible in Lithgow – both traditional and entrepreneurial.
  • To increase youth leadership capabilities.

A variety of activities have been provided that have increased young people’s skills and knowledge regarding employment and education. Examples included workshops that linked young people to local industry experts, employment and education opportunities; employment and education ‘taster days', youth leadership workshops and a youth leadership forum. The Future Finders program has had 3 distinct phases:

Phase 1 – Business and Leadership Workshops/Forum

These workshops aimed to increase young people’s knowledge and develop skills related to leadership, small business, entrepreneurship and social enterprise. The aim was to assist young people to think more broadly about careers. The workshops were well received by participants and many reported that they learnt new skills, built confidence and felt good to be including the certificate issued in their portfolio’s and resumes.

The Leadership workshops and forum were designed to encourage young people to test their abilities and strengthen their leadership and teamwork capabilities.

Phase 2 – Education and Employment Tasters

The Education and Employment tasters were designed to showcase local opportunities and offerings; providing in depth career pathway insights.

Phase 3 – Future Finders Career Helper

The Future Finders Career helper has aimed to assist young people to find their passion and work on a project that may link in with their future career path. It has supported and acknowledged the contribution young people make to our community.


Council looks forward to continuing to support local young people in their careers journey through the Future Finders program. For more information about Council’s Future Finder program contact Kristy Lenon – Community Development Officer (02) 6354 9999

Future Finders

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