Lithgow Mayor, Ray Thompson had the privilege of wishing Dulcie Kearns a Happy 103rd Birthday.

At Council’s ordinary meeting on Monday night, Councillor Wayne McAndrew congratulated Mrs Dulcie Kearns on her 103rd Birthday that day. Cr McAndrew requested the Mayor send a letter of congratulations to Mrs Kearns, however Cr Thompson arranged a surprise visit to present her with a bunch of flowers and the letter in person.

Cr Thompson read his letter as he presented it to Mrs Kearns “This is a truly significant milestone in your life, giving time for reflection on the many wonderful experiences, challenges overcome and triumphs over the past 103 years.”

The Mayor and Mrs Kearns and her family enjoyed a lovely morning tea to celebrate and catch up on the changes Mrs Kearns has seen in her 103 years.

Mayor Thompson invites anyone in the Local Government Area who knows someone who is reaching the 100 year or over milestone to contact his assistant Trinity Newton at Council.