Lithgow City Council has adopted a new Operational Plan for the next 12 months. The plan details a diverse range of services, projects and programs to be undertaken during 2021/22. 

The plan was developed after an extensive community engagement process.  “Our engagement process included livestream video sessions which provided the community with an opportunity to ask questions and receive responses from the comfort of their home” said the Mayor, Councillor Ray Thompson “We also received a number of written submissions from individuals and community groups.  While the final plan might not have fully catered for all of the particular submissions, we are now more informed about the community’s viewpoints. We will have regard for this as other opportunities emerge.”

“Developing the annual Operational Plan, means we have to make tough decisions and operate within our means.  I am confident that we are moving in the right direction and that the 2021/22 Operational Plan has been developed based on sound financial discipline with projected surplus of $704,000 for 2021/22” Mayor Thompson said.

Council actively seeks government funding to assist in ensuring that we are able to meet the needs of our community.  As such, In 2021/22 Council will be undertaking a number of major capital works including:

  • Construction of the Lithgow Resource Recovery Centre
  • Construction of Trunk Infrastructure to support the development of the Portland Foundations.
  • Construction of the Cullen Bullen Sewerage Scheme
  • Refurbishment of the Lithgow Information & Neighbourhood Centre (LINC)
  • Upgrade of the Civic Ballroom for use as an evacuation centre.

In response to COVID we are seeing an increased number of tourists, unable to travel overseas, and often interstate due to shutdowns, now travelling regionally and exploring our backyard.  Due to increased visitation to our area, Council’s focus in the 2021/22 Draft Operational Plan (Transport) is to ensure the safety of motorists on arterial roads with high speeds and high traffic levels.  As such, we will be:

  • Undertaking safety improvements to the Portland Sunny Corner Road.
  • Improving the Range Road intersection at Pipers Flat.
  • Upgrading three timber bridges on the Glen Davis Road
  • Upgrading Mutton Falls Road.
  • Resheeting the unsealed section of Wolgan Road and undertaking slope stabilization works to Wolgan Gap.
  • Resheeting the unsealed section of Cullenbenbong and Glen Chee roads.

A number of significant plans and studies will be undertaken to ensure the long-term sustainability of the Lithgow local government area including:

  • Development of an evacuation plan for the Wolgan Valley.
  • Reviewing the Integrated Water Cycle Management Strategy
  • Undertaking a traffic study at Marrangaroo for future development.
  • Completing the Rural and Rural Residential Strategy.

Council acknowledges the need to future proof business and industry in the Lithgow region. We are working to develop a future focused economy.  In 2021/22 we will continue to develop this partnership and will be engaging an expert advisors to formulate the Lithgow Evolving Economy Plan (LEEP); an action plan to broaden Lithgow’s economy

If you would like to know more about the services, projects and programs the Council will be undertaking in 2021/22, download a copy at