Update from the Community Recovery Officer

A big newsletter for October and an even bigger thank you to everyone who has completed Council’s Outreach Survey. We’ve seen a strong number of responses and feedback from across the LGA, which has assisted Council in being able to follow up on available supports, identify principal themes and issues and collect important information for recovery operations. If you would like to complete the survey there is still time, please email Recovery@Lithgow.nsw.gov.au or call 6354 9960.

Since starting in mid August calls and visits have been made to 92 members of the community who registered with Council following the bushfires. Over 240 registrations have been received by Council. If I haven’t yet reached you, please be assured I will be making contact with each registrant. If your details or circumstances have changed, or if you’d like to check in please contact me.

Thank you to everyone so far for sharing with me part of your story. Each month I’ll be sharing a quote/photo/profile of something that’s really resonated with me. I hope wherever you’re at in your own journey you find some encouragement in this.

Rachel Nicoll – Community Recovery Officer (02 6354 9960).