The Bi-Annual Clean-up will be provided on MONDAY 12th July 2021 Residents are reminded that a SERVICE BY REQUEST will apply.

Residents must register via Council’s website or alternatively phone Council on 6354 9999. Registrations close12.00pm FRIDAY 9th July 2021

Then on Sunday of the collection week, please place the material at the kerbside where you normally leave your garbage bin.


The Contractor will only collect bulky materials, cases, boxes, carton and securely tied bundles capable of being picked up by two (2) men.

The Contractor will not remove any liquid or material, which requires the use of a shovel or any toxic or chemical material.

PLEASE NOTE: It is important material is placed at the correct location by Sunday night. Any material not presented by the correct time cannot be collected. This service is only available to those residents who have a weekly garbage collection service.

If after a week your bulky waste has not been collected, please ring council.

*Please note no building waste will be accepted.