On Wednesday 9th November a landslip occurred on the Wolgan Road, at Wolgan Gap, which has necessitated the closure of the road.

Council has been conducting geotechnical monitoring and risk assessment of the site for the past 12 months however, the most recent failure has not shown any sign of instability to date.

Crews are onsite to clear debris and rehabilitate any damage. It is expected that the closure will remain in place for at least two weeks. For this period, there will be no recreational access to Wolgan Valley. Residential and business access will be permitted by an alternative route. Communication with residents will occur daily to ensure needs are met to the extent possible.

Council has engaged Public Works to project manage the reinstatement of the road after this landslide. We are dedicated to this effort, and in completing rectification works that are required after the previous landslips. There is also a geotechnical expert on site for the reinstatement of the road that will advise all works.

Council is currently working with National Parks and Wildlife Services (NPWS), RFS, SES, Wolgan One & Only and essential services to gain emergency access for residents and workers via a track through the National Park.

This is for emergency purposes only and access for any other purpose is strictly prohibited.

All camping grounds are closed and any enquiries concerning camping in the area will need to be referred to NPWS on 1300 072 757 or their website at https://www.nationalparks.nsw.gov.au/about-npws/contact-us.

For any enquiries on the access to Wolgan Valley and issues that may arise please contact Council using the email address wolgan@lithgow.nsw.gov.au, or directly by telephone on 02 6354 9999.