An external review of Lithgow Council’s energy tariffs and electricity bills across 126 sites has established that $1.1 million will be saved over the next seven years.

The Council recently sought the best offers from energy retailers for the supply of electricity to a range of its sites, large and small. New contracts, which include a 100% renewable energy Power Purchase Agreement, were then entered into.

After a period of operating under the new contracts a review has identified that over the life of the contract as much as $1.1 million will be saved when compared to previous contracts and other offerings in the market today.

The review report stated “Lithgow Council’s retail agreements are the best we have seen. Many other Councils in NSW are looking at between $100,000 – $300,000 increases in their 2023 electricity bills. Lithgow City Council is basically the same as previous.

In addition, Council has recently completed the installation of solar panels at the JM Robson Aquatic Centre. Solar panels are also installed at Lithgow Library and the Administration centre. In 2022, the Council also replaced the remaining legacy streetlights with LED luminaires which will save $26,000 p.a.

A Council spokesperson said, “These savings will be reinvested in other productivity and efficiency initiatives, such as more solar panel installations, which will generate further savings for ratepayers.