“For the week ending 30 May, the following key works were completed by Council staff”, noted Council’s Mayor, Cr. Ray Thompson.

“Within the urban Lithgow area, last week Council staff focused their efforts on asphalt and concrete improvements throughout the urban Lithgow area,” said Lithgow City Council’s Mayor, Cr. Ray Thompson. “Asphalt defect repairs were conducted at Cook Street, Browns Gap Road, Main Street Lane, New Street and the Main Street carpark. Alongside this work, footpath repairs and renewals have been completed on Enfield Avenue, Ferro Street, Martini Parade, Rifle Parade, and continue on Sandford Avenue.”

“In the rural areas of our LGA, Council staff have also worked towards the maintenance and repair of a number of sealed and unsealed road assets,” noted Mayor Thompson. “Asphalt patching has occurred on 13 separate roads throughout the Wallerawang, Portland and Capertee area to ensure the integrity of these assets. Road grading crews have also continued their capital resheeting works at Palmers Oakey Road, and Genowlan Road, with Old Bindo Road and Huntingdale Road maintenance grading nearing completion.”

“Lastly, Council engineers are completing two of Council’s final capital projects this week – the installation of a new culvert in Woolnough Street, Vale of Clwydd, and the heritage reconstruction of a timber bridge in Hartley Vale,” said Mayor Thompson. “Both of these projects are interesting in that the culvert construction is occurring to assist a number of residents with long-standing flooding issues in the area which recently resulted in the destruction of the only access to their property. In addition, the Harley Vale bridge reconstruction is a delicate project that has required close consultation with specialist engineers and consultants to retain the heritage value of an asset that requires renewal and upgrade to accommodate modern vehicle standards. Both of these projects will be complete in the coming weeks and I am certain both will provide great benefit to the Lithgow community into the future.”