On Monday 29 November 2021, Lithgow Council will start work on the replacement of a concrete causeway on Cullenbenbong Road, Kanimbla Valley.

This week, construction will commence on the replacement on the causeway on the Cullenbenbong Creek, Cullenbenbong Road, Kanimbla Valley. The work is being completed following the damage caused by the floods in the early 2021 and approval of natural disaster funding.

The causeway has been closely monitored since the floods. Recent movements in the affected area have prompted the urgent reconstruction of the causeway to improve access to the southern end of the Kanimbla Valley. A local contractor has been engaged to start work immediately.

The reconstruction works are fully funded under the Disaster Recovery Funding Arrangements. Having natural disaster processes in place offsets the costs to local Councils in restoring public assets post-disaster. With disasters occurring more frequently, such programs are essential in ensuring that Councils have the financial capacity and support to operate in the best interests of their community during difficult times. I thank the State Government and Resilience NSW for their support.

There will be a detour in place to allow traffic continued access through to the southern end of the valley during the construction period. Council would like to thank land holders who have allowed the detour through their property for the period of the works.

Should there be any questions concerning the project please contact Council’s Transport Manager, Paul Creelman on 02 6354 9999, or by email at council@lithgow.nsw.gov.au