Development Application – DA045/20

Proposed subdivide 1 Lot Into 2 – Lot 500 DP 1020818 – 30 Portland/Cullen Bullen Road Portland NSW 2847

The application and plans are available on council’s website for public inspection until 14 April 2020.

During this period any person may inspect the plans and make a written submission on the proposal quoting Council’s file reference, Development Application No. DA045/20. All submissions received during this period will be taken into consideration prior to Council’s determination of the application.

Nothing in this notification confers a right or entitlement to inspect, make copies of or take extracts from so much of a document that, because of section 12 (1A) of the Local Government Act 1993 a person does not have the right to inspect.

DA 045/20 Bushfire Assessment Report DA 045/20 Plan DA 045/20 Statement of Environmental Effects


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