Development Application Guide

About the DA Guide

The DA Guide tells you in simple language how to prepare the plans and other supporting documents for your development application.

Use the DA Guide as a checklist. This will help you provide all the required information to support your application so we can deal with your application without delay. We cannot accept applications, which do not include all the required plans and supporting documents.

How to find out more

Most questions about making a development application can be answered simply by referring to the DA Guide. However, if you do have questions that are not answered by the DA Guide, don’t hesitate to contact Council’s Economic Development & Environment Department. You can phone us or call in personally. We recommend that you discuss your development proposal with one of our development assessment officers before submitting a development application. We are always happy to arrange interviews, but please phone (02) 63 549999 for an appointment.

Council's Development Application Guide

Guide to development application process