Lithgow City Council is asking the community to complete a short survey on the works undertaken over the past 2 years along Farmers Creek, as well as providing ideas for future expansion of the Farmers Creek shared pathway network.

In 2016, Lithgow City Council adopted the Farmers Creek Masterplan which has provided a framework for Council to manage the creek in relation to weed management, water quality and public use. Since then, Council has implemented a program of weed and other vegetation management works and the progressive rollout of a network of shared pathways (mostly 2.5m wide for pedestrians and cyclists).

On 30 June 2021, the shared pathway network extended from the Geordie Street causeway in the west, to Burton Street in the east, a distance of approximately 3.4 kilometres, past Lithgow Showground, a number of sporting fields, the Lithgow Aquatic Centre and close to Lake Pillans/Blast Furnace.  

By 30 June 2022, with grant funding together with funding from Council, the shared path network has been extended to approximately 6.5 kilometres in length from Chivers Close in the west to Lake Pillans and Blast Furnace Park and past Eskbank House Museum.

An enhanced program of weed removal and vegetation management and landscape/embellishment along the creek corridor for public recreation was also undertaken.

The aim of these works has been to increase community use and enjoyment of Farmers Creek and its tributaries and to help restore and protect its environmental values. The survey is available at the following location until Friday 14 April.