Lithgow City Council has endorsed its Draft 2020/21 Operational Plan and Schedule of Fees & Charges.  Council is inviting all residents of the Lithgow Local Government Area to get involved and have their say on the proposed Waste Service Program for 2020/21.

In line with EPA requirements for waste management and the Lithgow Waste Strategy, Council has been progressively closing some rural landfills, constructing Waste Transfer Stations and upgrading the Lithgow Solid Waste Facility.  These works aim to provide access for all Lithgow residents to adequate waste services and prevent inappropriate dumping in our beautiful region.

In 2020/21 Council proposes to spend $3.75m on its waste infrastructure and education as follows:

  • Construction of the Lithgow Resource Recovery Centre (RRC) at the Lithgow Solid Waste Facility.  The RRC will improve the safety and performance of the site by providing all-weather unloading areas away from the landfill for recyclable materials such as paper/cardboard, metal, e-waste, mattresses, tyres and motor oil. A stockpile and processing area will be provided for commercial and bulky wastes such as timber, bricks and concrete, logs/stumps and green waste. These materials will be processed for beneficial re-use. A Re-Use shed will allow usable items (e.g. furniture) to be kept in a separate area and made available to the general public to collect for re-use. The RRC will also include an EPA funded Community Recycling Centre that will allow safe disposal of problem household wastes for free such as paint, batteries, smoke detectors and fluoro light tubes.
  • Improvements to Lithgow Solid Waste Facility including upgrading leachate and stormwater management, landfill cell development and progressive rehabilitation of completed areas. These improvements are required to meet the latest standards required by the EPA and the expectations of the community as a whole.
  • Rehabilitation of the Cullen Bullen Landfill in accordance with EPA guidelines so that the site is safe, stable, non-polluting and sustainable in the long term.
  • Maintaining and developing waste trenches and landfill cells at Rural Landfills.
  • Commencing rehabilitation of the Glen Davis Landfill and construction of a Waste Transfer Station. The landfill has closed due to the completion of available waste trenches. The Transfer Station will allow ongoing disposal of household waste and will include a ‘split level’ for easy unloading of waste into a skip bin.
  • Waste Segregation Audit of material in red and yellow lidded kerbside bins to allow targeted education programs and improve recycling rates.

If you would like to comment on the waste program or know more about the projects and programs in Council’s 2020/21 Operational Plan visit

The Draft 2020/21 Operational Plan will be on exhibition until midnight, Tuesday 23 June.  Following this, all submissions will be collated and reported to the July meeting of Council for consideration.