Council is excited to announce that at its most recent meeting, it adopted the Draft 2021/22 Operational Plan.  We invite all residents of the Lithgow LGA to get involved and have their say on the future direction of the area.

The plan details Council’s program of works for 2021/22, which identifies water & sewer, transport, community and economic development initiatives, designed to encourage growth and development across the LGA. 

Council’s Operational Plan aims to optimise the benefits for the local government area by actively seeking grant and corporate funding opportunities to provide quality infrastructure and services for our community, as well as to renew assets. 

Some of the key water and sewer projects for 2021/22 include:

  • $401,182 to design and upgrade the Soda Ash Dosing Systems at the Oakey Park Water Treatment Plant.
  • $1.15m for the renewal of the Wallerawang No.1 Sewerage Pumping Station to modern standards.
  • $4m for the design and construction of the sewerage reticulation network and Sewerage Treatment Plant for Cullen Bullen Village.

If you would like to know more about the projects and programs in Council’s 2021/22 Operational Plan visit

Council’s Director of Water & Wastewater will be conducting a live Facebook event on Thursday 13th May at 2pm to present the 2021/22 Water and Wastewater Program.  Members of the community are invited to register for the event via Facebook.  The event will also be recorded and available for viewing on Council’s website for those unable to attend the live session.  Questions about Council’s Water and Wastewater Program can be emailed to or via the facebook event.

Where can I view a hard copy of the Operational Plan?

Copies of the Draft Operational Plan and Fees & Charges are available for viewing at the Council Administration Centre and Lithgow, Wallerawang & Portland Libraries. 

How do I make a submission?

The 2021/22 Draft Operational Plan and Schedule of Fees & Charges will be on exhibition from Tuesday 27 April to Midnight, Tuesday 25 May. Anyone wishing to make a submission may do so:

               o    Via email

               o    Lithgow City Council, PO Box 19, Lithgow 2790