It is worrying that a sample taken from Lithgow sewerage on Monday 16 August has tested positive for the presence of covid.

The result was picked up from increased testing of sewerage for COVID-19 fragments.

Council was engaged by NSW Health on 27 October 2020 to commence the sampling of sewerage at our Lithgow Sewerage Treatment Plant site once a week with samples sent to Sydney for testing for fragments of COVID-19.

On 19 July 2021, NSW Health requested that Council increase testing from once a week to twice a week. The Water and Wastewater team are collecting samples without any physical contact from the incoming sewerage to the plant on twice a week basis during peak flows times.

Sewerage is used for the testing as the COVID-19 fragments are found in samples from people brushing their teeth as the virus lives in the nose and throat of individuals.

Samples are then transported to an approved lab and tested on the day of sampling. W&WW will continue to complete the sampling for NSW Health.

For any further information on the testing please, refer to NSW Health’s website.

One of two samples collected last Monday detected some fragments of the virus. Another sample had no detected fragments. Samples were also collected on Thursday 19 August however the results of those are not yet known

This is concerning and reinforces the need for everybody to comply absolutely with all health orders, to maintain all health safeguards (masks, distancing and hygiene) and to get vaccinated.