Over the past three days, much of the Lithgow LGA rural road network has been impacted by snow. Council has responded proactively with road closures to best protect the safety of motorists and the integrity of access for residents.

Commencing Wednesday 9 June 2021, much of the Lithgow LGA were fortunate enough to experience the magic of snow, with photos circulating social media of local families and tourists alike braving the cold, delving into snowfields, and personally experiencing some of the beauty our region has to offer in the winter months. However, with these weather events comes the difficult task of regulating traffic and protecting our rural, local roads from the disruption of irregular traffic volumes in inclement weather.

Throughout this event, Council staff braved the local conditions to proactively implement road closures throughout the Hampton, Portland and Sunny Corner region. Maintaining access for locals and preserving the safety of tourists unfamiliar with the Lithgow road network remains our priority, with the Council and its staff placing many closures in place before the forecast snow, and promptly communicating all changes with the community through social media and Council’s website.

“We consistently aim to improve our approach to how we deliver services to the community, and we hear that up-to-date communication of road closures and closure of known trouble areas before snow falls is very important to our community”, said Council’s Director Infrastructure Service, Jonathon Edgecombe. “It is often the case that Council’s works staff happily operate in very difficult environments and conditions and in this instance, could be likened to a blizzard in some areas. The community-focused approach taken by our staff has been received with some very positive feedback from residents and they deserve all the appreciation received.”

Currently, the following road closures remain in place, with regular inspections occurring to assess local conditions.

  • Old Bindo Road, Hampton
  • Wicketty War Road, Hampton
  • Portland – Sunny Corner Road (Garlands Hill)
  • Biddys Pinch Road, Hampton
  • Old Post Office Road, Hampton
  • Rydal-Hampton Road (from Jenolan Caves Rd to Martins Rd for through traffic, Access restricted to residents only.

Browns Gap Road has been reopened and we will continue to update the public as quickly as possible where changes to traffic flow are implemented. Please remain vigilant on all roads during inclement weather and observe traffic advisory signage as appropriate.