This afternoon Lithgow experienced a massive downpour of rain over a short duration. The most heavily affected area was around Main Street and George Coates Drive and through Hermitage Flat. Long term residents in the locality have described it has one of the heaviest downpours that they have ever seen.  

Waterways were flooded and in some areas overflowing. The stormwater lines were also overloaded and some sewer manholes were lifted because of stormwater inflows. Roads, buildings and sporting fields were also flooded.

Lithgow Council staff immediately responded with inspections of all infrastructure in the locality. Traffic controls and warning advice was installed. Water mains are being inspected also.

While the damage is still being assessed, the council expects that there will be repairs required to roads, footpaths, sports fields, creek embankments and water and sewer infrastructure.

The public are advised to be very careful and to not enter or go near flooded or fast flowing waters.

If assistance is required please call the council on 63549999.