Lithgow Transition Party meets WSROC Executive

Lithgow’s volunteer Transition Working Party met with WSROC’s senior executive in Sydney on Thursday to examine ways Lithgow can transition and integrate into the Western Sydney Economy which is set to grow exponentially over the next decade.

Lithgow’s strategic initiative to transition and diversify its economic base and pursue integration with the Western Sydney Economy (150,000 businesses) has been championed by Mayor Ray Thompson, Deputy Mayor Steve Ring and former Deputy Mayor Wayne McAndrew at recent WSROC board meetings after Council agreed to the initiative at strategic planning sessions held 2019.

“Our Volunteer Working Party comprising Mr Renzo Benedet (Chairman), Mr Robert Swinton, Ms Glenda Anthes and Mr Rich Evans met with WSROC Chairman Cr Barry Calvert ,CEO Charles Casuscelli, Cr Don McGregor and Cr Karress Rhodes to discuss a range of topics including –

  • Smart City Technologies,
  • Arts/Culture industries,
  • Agri- business development, and
  • Health Care development

and will provide a report to Council in June 2020 on strategies for advocacy and adoption by elected officials said Mayor Ray Thompson”

“We are fortunate to have a working party that not only has relevant business experience, but is willing to proactively engage with Businesses and Agencies in Western Sydney as part of a pathfinding strategy for the Lithgow Community that has the potential to result in more jobs and increased market access and profitability for our local businesses” said Deputy Mayor Steve Ring.

Attachment: Minutes of the Transition Meeting held 19 February 2020


Photo: Members of the Transition Working Party: Renzo Benedet, Rich Evans, Glenda Anthes, and Robert Swinton meeting with WSROC Chairman Cr Barry Calvert.

Ray Thompson
0468 578 336

Steve Ring
Deputy Mayor
0448 992 421

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