Visit to Lithgow Private Hospital

Very Successful. We are extremely fortunate to have 21 leading specialists visiting the Lithgow private hospital. 11,000 consultations approximately a year. The much-used lung machine is almost at the end of life. I fully support lobbying for funding for this incredible machine. Last year there was 800 lung tests.

Lithgow Library awning

Lithgow Library awning is almost completed. With a rustic designed awning to compliment the main street. The awning is quite grand and certainly stands out in the main street.

Boardwalk opening – Lake Pillans (upcoming)

Wonderful news for Lithgow, the beautiful lake Pillans boardwalk will be officially reopened on Saturday @11am. The boardwalk was destroyed in the horrific floods earlier in the year. Locals now can enjoy the boardwalks around lake Pillans again.

Roads & Verges

Very delighted to inform rate payers and residents we have fifteen contractors and staff working diligently to provide better roads, also the machine is back on the road mowing and cleaning up verges around our LGA.

M.R.I Lithgow Hospital

Regardless of rumours the M.R.I machine for the Lithgow Hospital is most definitely still occurring. The current status of the progress of the work involved to date is very positive with a suggested completion date, October. The General manager and myself also met with the Local Health Board last week, “chair of the board, Mr Peter Collins words were to us when I spoke regarding the MRI, “Many Hospitals in Sydney would love this machine”. This will be an incredible asset to have in our local government area. Thank you to the state and federal government.