The Lithgow area has an abundance of environmental areas that are a drawcard for visitors.  Lake Wallace is an example. During holiday periods, the lake foreshores and water are heavily used. This requires careful management of some of the issues that can arise.

While open fires are much-loved by some campers, they can create problems. This includes damage to the open spaces and the need to then remediate the affected areas. Vegetation which supports wildlife can also be damaged when people forage for kindling and firewood.  The community has expressed concern that unattended fires impact the safety of other users, and result in negative impacts to the environment and amenity of the site.

As of 22 May 2023, open fires will no longer be permitted within the bounds of Lake Wallace.

Signage advising of the changes will be immediately erected to inform all users visiting the site. Please contact Lithgow City Council on 02 6354 9999 should open fires be identified.