In 2021/22 Lithgow Council is continuing to plan for the future of the Lithgow local government area. 

Council’s recognises the need for the Lithgow local government area to transition and grow and we are making plans for the long-term sustainability of the Lithgow region.  In 2021/22, we will be applying to State and Federal Government for funding to undertake planning for key projects and strategies that will secure our future.

The development of strategic infrastructure often takes multiple years from conception to construction and requires plans and studies to be undertaken to support the proposal and secure funding.  

Proposed water pipeline from Clarence to Wallerawang

Council is working with Centennial Coal and key government departments on a pipeline project to secure water for new industries and assisting in the development of the former Wallerawang Power Station site. One of the objectives of the project is to enable the Lithgow region to transition from a coal-based economy towards a more diverse and resilient economy by providing a dependable water source to new industries which will not impact on the security and sustainability of water supply for drinking/town water. The proposal would pipe treated mine water from Clarence Colliery to the Wallerawang Power Station and include a new water treatment plant at Wallerawang. This project is reliant on government funding and corporate contributions and completion of works by Centennial Coal.

Lithgow Evolving Economy Plan (LEEP)

Council recognises the need to prepare the Lithgow Economy to transition from one based on coal and electricity generation to other, yet to be determined, business and industry sectors.  The first stage of the project will involve a partnership with the NSW State Government (Department of Regional NSW) to engage an expert consultancy with support from a reference group to formulate an action plan.

In 2021/22, we will be continuing to develop and review plans and strategies, which will encourage growth, development, and a sustainable economy, including:

  • Updating the Waste Strategy in line with recent changes in the Waste industry and EPA 20 Year Waste Strategy.
  • Developing a Floodplain Risk Management Study and Plan
  • Preparing a Local Housing Strategy
  • Finalising the Rural and Rural Residential Strategy
  • Completing the Traffic Study for the Marrangaroo Urban Release Area and commencing a planning proposal to implement the Marrangaroo Masterplan.
  • Reviewing and updating the Lithgow Local Environmental Plan in response to owner initiated planning proposals in accordance with Gateway determination timeframes.
  • Undertaking a review of council’s Development Contributions Framework including Planning Agreements and Development Contributions Plans.
  • Preparing a Housekeeping Local Environmental Plan to review and update the Lithgow Local Environmental Plan 2014 in accordance with Gateway Determination.
  • Updating HeritageNSW databases for council’s heritage schedule of the Lithgow Local Environmental Plan.
  • Applying for funding to undertake a comprehensive Flora Survey for Hassans Walls Reserve.
  • Applying for funding to develop an Evacuation Plan for the Wolgan Valley
  • Reviewing and updating the Community Strategic Plan 2030

For more Information on the projects and programs Council will be undertaking in 2021/22 go to

Copies of the 2021/22 Draft Operational Plan can be viewed at the Council Administration Centre or the Libraries; Lithgow, Wallerawang and Portland.