Lithgow City Council has received more than $300,000 to repair potholes across the city.

Over the past 18 months, Lithgow has experienced high rainfall. The amount is more than ever previously recorded since records began in 1878. This has resulted in widespread damage to the local road network.

“I thank the NSW Government for this latest assistance”, said Mayor Statham. “Every dollar helps, and I can’t wait to see this much needed repair work delivered across the city.”

“Lithgow Council remains committed to restoring damaged infrastructure”, continued Mayor Statham. “To date, over $13 million has been spent on restoring roads. However, I acknowledge there is still a long way to go. This $315,257 of funding to fast-track pothole repairs will help to cover some of these unplanned and extra roadwork costs.”

The Council’s General Manager, Craig Butler also clarified that “Fixing potholes only provides a temporary repair and improved safety.  Long term repairs will require more than pothole patching. Council will still need to stabilise pavements and reseal affected areas. A tender is currently out for contractors to conduct this more substantial work on arterial roads in rural areas.