Lithgow City Council reminds residents that it is seeking their feedback on a proposal to add a ‘green bin’ to the kerbside bin collection service.

The proposed green bin would be a ‘FOGO’ bin, ‘FOGO’ stands for Food Organics and Garden Organics.  This would mean that a third bin would be added to the household waste and recycling bins. The third bin would have a green lid and collect food scraps and garden cuttings.

The green bin would be collected weekly, along with the red lid bin. The collected food scraps and garden cuttings would be recycling into compost, instead of being wasted in landfill.

Compost is valued for use in agriculture and landscaping. Recycling organic matter into compost also saves landfill space and reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

Residents can view the FOGO proposal on Council’s website.  Copies are also available at Council’s administration building and library branches. Residents are invited to complete a survey to provide their feedback on the proposed FOGO service. The FOGO survey can be submitted until 4pm on Monday, 20 March.

All the survey responses will be reviewed and a finalised version of the proposal, addressing and incorporating the feedback from residents, will be put back to Council.

For further information, please contact Council on 6354 9999.