During December 2018, the Lithgow area experienced a severe widespread storm causing damage to property and bringing down several trees.

As a result of this storm, two large mature eucalypt trees came down outside the Zig Zag Motel on Chifley Road in the Vale of Clwydd. While the immediate removal of these fallen trees was carried out, Council conducted a proactive assessment of the remaining three trees and found the trees to be of sound condition.

Given the period passed since the 2018 storm and Council’s ongoing risk management and mitigation procedure, Council has engaged the services of a professional arborist to provide an up-to-date assessment on the trees in question. The two trees at the end of the property, two mature eucalypts, have been found to be diseased and unsafe, and require immediate removal to remove the risk to life and property.

The remaining tree, on the corner of Chifley Road and Clwydd Street, was recommended to be retained, with a maintenance program to be carried out to crown clear and directional prune to support future aerial inspection.

Work will be scheduled as soon as practicable to mitigate the risk of the trees failing. Following the removal, Council will replant endemic trees in the adjacent creek reserve to offset the loss of canopy and habitat.