Sale of Land for Overdue Rates – Postponement

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Sale of Land for Overdue Rates – Postponement to 11th February 2022

Lithgow City Council resolved on the 20 April 2021, in accordance with Section 713 of the Local Government Act 1993, to sell land for unpaid rates.

The auction date was slated for the 3 September 2021, it has now been postponed until the 11th February 2022 as Council is conscious that to proceed with the sale of land for unpaid rates at this time of uncertainty for many people, would not be in the public interest.

Local Government Act 1993, Section 713
Sale of Land for Overdue Rates

Notice is hereby given to the owner/s of the properties listed hereunder that Lithgow City Council has resolved on 20 April 2021, in accordance with Section 713 of the Local Government Act 1993, to sell the land described hereunder and on which the amount of rates stated in each case as at 19 April 2021 is due:

Assessment Owners or persons having an interest in the landDescription of the LandAmount of rates (including extra charges) overdue for more than five (5) yearsAmount of rates (including extra charges) due and in arrearsTOTAL AMOUNT OUTSTANDINGContracts of Sale
58580*John Kevin PittLot 22 Section A DP 13644 – 15 King Street, Cullen Bullen, NSW, 2790$12,601.96$8,882.68$21,484.64Download contract
71790David Mark MoravszkyLot 8 Sec 3 DP 758446 – Coorain Street, Glen Davis, NSW, 2846$8,292.16$4,692.92$12,985.08Download contract
72770Robert Victor CouchLot 3 Sec 10 DP 758770 – Capertree Street, Newnes, NSW, 2790$4,759.48$2,694.00$7,453.48Download contract
72880Jack Jacek RinkebergLot 7 Section 24 DP 758770 – Wolgan Road, Wolgan Valley, NSW, 2790 $3,227.62$2,829.28$6,056.90Download contract
86130Riverleigh Corporation Pty LtdLot 3 - 6 DP 63743 – 32 Bathurst Street, Rydal, NSW, 2790$1,487.93$3,677.60$5,165.53Download contract
95540Jeremiah CotterLot 28 DP 755794 – 2283 Great Western Highway, Mount Lambie, NSW, 2790$4,176.27$4,030.35$8,206.62Download contract
101538Arthur Didier Du Boise Guy Vassall Ebsworth John Arthur LordLot 1 DP 134204 Lot 1 DP 134205 – Earnest Street, Lithgow, NSW, 2790$34,939.86$15,262.10$50,201.96Download contract
102287*Harley Usill Mackenzie Edith Usill Mackenzie William Kenneth Seaforth Mackenzie Eric Blundell Mackenzie Arthur Cecil MackenzieLot 66 DP 1124 - Laneways Commens Street, Wallerwang, NSW, 2845$31,527.17$14,507.52$46,034.69Download contract
103096Emalean Matilda Chant – Caveat by Lithgow City CouncilLot 7 Sec 28 DP 758770 – Glenowlan Street, Newnes, NSW, 2790$7,964.03$2,944.00$10,908.03Download contract
103489John DelaneyLot 4 DP 1151090 – Village of Tarana, Tarana, NSW, 2787$8,687.92$4,833.96$13,521.88Download contract
103699William McAndrew Jacob McAndrew John Lewis – Caveat by The Registrar General Lot 19 Sec 4 DP 758445 – 37 Upper Nile Road, Glen Alice, NSW, 2849$4,976.21$3,194.48$8,170.69Download contract
103830Craig Charles Stewart - Caveat by Yuhong Chen - Caveat by Chief Commissioner of State RevenueLot 37 DP 1072864 – 45 George Parade, Portland, NSW, 2847$4,473.53$8,555.64$13,029.17Download contract
104272Hampton Saw Milling Co. Pty. LtdLot 6 DP 114863 – Jenolan Caves Road, Hampton, NSW, 2790$3,538.62$2,693.65$6,232.27Download contract
104347James MoxonLot 1 DP 1092981 – Palmers Oakey Road, Palmers Oakey, NSW, 2790$3,543.02$2,696.97$6,239.99Download contract
104348William TackeLot 27 DP 755795 - Palmers Oakey Road, Palmers Oakey, NSW, 2790$3,653.51$2,773.41$6,426.92Download contract
104349James DysonLot 28 DP 755795 - Palmers Oakey Road, Palmers Oakey, NSW, 2790$4,086.45$2,758.60$6,845.05Download contract
104350Julius WanwickLot 30 DP 755770 - Palmers Oakey Road, Palmers Oakey, NSW, 2790$3,631.49$2,758.60$6,390.09Download contract
104366Terrence Harold Selmes Elizabeth Mae SelmesLot 16 Sec 18 DP 758890 - Bathurst Street, Rydal, NSW, 2790$6,226.16$4,297.62$10,523.78Download contract
104868Stephen Thomas ShipleyLot 3 Sec 2 DP 758011 - Glenowlan Street, Capertree, NSW, 2846$2,976.12$2,706.72$5,682.84Download contract
104954George AthertonLot 3 DP 115065 – Castlereagh Highway, Marrangaroo, NSW, 2790$2,830.12$2,585.47$5,415.59Download contract
105055Andrew Anderson Duncan - Caveat by The Registrar GeneralLot 2 DP 133907 – Drainage Reserve Duncan Street, Lidsdale, NSW, 2790$2,446.70$2,512.06$4,958.76Download contract
105060Annie Morvina SmithLot D DP 323941 - Church Street, Portland, NSW, 2847$11,618.97$11,791.40$23,410.37Download contract
105070Matilda MortlockLot 1 & 9 Sec 2 DP 758770 - Zobel Street, Newnes, NSW, 2790$2,510.90$2,596.84$5,107.74Download contract
105071Herbert Wilmot HeskettLot 17 Sec 34 DP 758770 - Williwa Street, Newnes, NSW, 2790$2,472.05$2,532.98$5,005.03Download contract
105072Norah Catherine ClearyLot 3 Sec 35 DP 758770 – Numietta Street, Newnes, NSW, 2790$2,472.05$2,532.98$5,005.03Download contract
105074Arthur Roy DobbieLot 8 Sec 33 DP 758770 - Williwa Street, Newnes, NSW, 2790$2,472.05$2,532.98$5,005.03Download contract
105142 & 105602Arthur Didier Du Boise Guy Vassall Ebsworth John Arthur LordLot 14 - 28 DP 1136445 & Lot 38 DP 6360 Lot 36 & 37 DP 1172337 - Atkinson Street & Laidley Street, Lithgow, NSW, 2790$5,252.03$6,030.47$11,282.50Download contract
105145John Reid -Caveat by The Registrar GeneralLot 6 DP 242977 - State Mine Gully Road, Lithgow, NSW, 2790$2,519.75$2,584.11$5,103.86Download contract
105562Roman PilarcikLot 7 DP 1170540 - J.R. Street, Hartley Vale, NSW, 2790$3,762.01$6,317.51$10,079.52Download contract

In default of payment to the Council of the amount stated above, and any other rates (including extra charges) becoming due and payable after the 19 April 2021, before the time fixed for the sale, the said land will be offered for sale by public auction to be held at 10am on Friday the 11th February 2022 at Civic Ballroom at the Showground at Lithgow. Auctioneer:

First National – Bowyer & Livermore Portland

• Occupancy of dwelling unknown. Vacant possession is the responsibility of the purchaser