Interflow Pty Ltd will be conducting CCTV and inspections of sewer mains in areas of Lithgow from the 6th of February 2023.

Lithgow City Council has engaged the services of Interflow Pty Ltd, to conduct CCTV and inspections prior to relining for 1.1km of sewer mains between Methven Street and Academy Street, Lithgow. This process is completed by cleaning the lines and identifying any possible breaks or obstructions in the line, then correcting or repairing the damaged line. Following this, relining using a sleeve or sealant to coat and repair the lines is done to extend the useful life of the assets and remove groundwater infiltration.

Interflow will provide information to residents via a letterbox drop prior to work taking place. The Council requests residents to follow instructions provided by Interflow to avoid any issues with sewerage and cleaning which will allow contractors to carry out their work with as minimal disturbance to residents as possible.  

Council would like to thank residents for their cooperation through these processes and through the delivery of the sewer management and repairs programs as per the Council Operational Plan.