Lithgow’s geography and history are wonderful, but they create challenges for the Council when it comes to managing stormwater and sewer flows. Lithgow’s contained and steep sloping surrounds result in frequent peak stormwater flows. These flows can enter the sewer system through old or interconnected sewer and stormwater drainage lines on private properties. This then overloads the sewer creating surcharges into streets and watercourses.

Solving these problems is difficult and costly, but Lithgow Council is working hard to do achieve this.  Ensuring the sewerage capacity of the region for sustainable growth and development has been identified as an important way to enhance the natural environment.

The Council has engaged experts to conduct smoke testing of over 250 properties in the Lithgow area laneways between Academy Street and Ferro Street. Smoke testing is carried out to locate defects in the public sewage network and in household service lines. The testing will occur over a 4-week period commencing on 3 April 2023.

Earlier smoke testing found that some properties had defects. Some properties were also unable to be tested as the boundary pipes were inaccessible, which is not allowed.  These properties will receive written correspondence from Council containing the results and the steps that will need to be taken to rectify these problems.